Embrace the snail

I was reading about the U.S. Postal Service planning to close a lot of post offices to make up for the serious budget shortfall they’re facing (something like 8 billion dollars!).  Somewhere in newspaper sites I was perusing, I saw an interview with a postal worker who was upset about people calling mail sent by post “snail mail.”  I’m sure postal workers are sensitive about a long history of being teased for slow service…


(picture snagged from Less Doing blog).

Well, first, I have generally found the post office to be quite efficient lately.  Mail gets across the country in just a couple days.  So it’s not something they should really be sensitive about.  But I would also like the postal service to embrace the “snail” in snail mail and recognize that they are different from email because they are the carriers of handwritten letters, beautifully crafted mail art, and fun care packages.  Email doesn’t hold a candle to these items.

So, “embrace the snail!” I say. 

Speaking of snail…my posts are going to be sparse in the coming couple of weeks because I will be traveling to France.  I hope to have lots of France-themed blog postings when I return.  I have scouted out some stationery stores and will share my finds with you when I return.  In the meantime…go write some letters!

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