Doodled Envelopes

I’ve always been one of those people who can concentrate better if I doodle while listening to someone.  At some point I realized that folks may think that I’m bored or ignoring them if I doodle in front of them, so I don’t tend to do it much in meetings any more.

But I’ve been on more than my fair share of conference calls lately and have found a perfect opportunity to doodle while listening!  I keep a pile of blank business-sized envelopes on my desk.  When I feel like I might be drifting during a call, I grab one and start doodling with the pens/markers/highlighters that are within reach.

Some of them are quite busy and detailed:

And others are very simple (maybe this depends on the length of the call!).

I find the space provided by the front of an envelope to be a perfectly approachable size to tackle during a call. And rather than having piles of scraps I’ve doodled, I now have lovely little creations to send to friends!

What about you? Do you doodle, too?

I’ll send letters to two people I choose randomly from folks who comment on this post.  They will arrive in one of these envelopes.  You can leave me your email address in the post and I’ll contact you directly for your mailing address.  Happy doodling!

P.S. If you are a doodler, too, you may want to check out Doodlers Anonymous.  They feature a lot of great doodle art that inspires.

9 Replies to “Doodled Envelopes”

    1. So funny! I thought I was crazy that doodling helped me focus. Guess I’m not alone! Thanks so much for sharing this video.

  1. I don’t know that I can call what I do “doodling” after seeing the works of art at Doodlers Anonymous, but I tend to doodle when I get bored. I love the envelope idea!

    1. Try it, you may like it a lot! And because it’s a doodle, you can keep it, throw it away, share it, or never show another. It’s a very forgiving, low pressure way to be creative and let the artistic parts of your brain wake up for a bit!

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