Desperately Seeking Stationery

Several folks have noticed a dwindling of letter sets in their local stationery and paper goods stores.  It seems that cards and flat notes have taken primacy in many of these shops.  I’ve seen this in the three cities I’ve visited recently, where each stationery shop had no more than a few plain Crane letter sets and perhaps one or two other letter sets nestled among the hundreds of card varieties.

Well, we’ll just have to look harder for great options for our epistolary treasures!  I wanted to share some of my favorites as well as a few websites that friends have shared with me recently.  I hope they help you locate some great new sets for your longer messages.  Enjoy!  This website, which I think is based in the Netherlands, provides prices in U.S. dollars and has a large variety of letter sets from Asia, as well as stickers and other fun items. (Thanks, Jennifer, for this suggestion!)

Elum: I adore Elum’s letter press stationery and I adore their desk sets which feature flat notes, note cards, and letter-writing paper. All in a luscious, coordinated set.  I saw this set in person in Chicago and wanted desperately to take it home, but alas, the Elum set remains elusive.

Peter Pauper Press: I have the the butterflies stationery set and have enjoyed using it.  The paper feels nice to the touch and the prices are very reasonable.  There are several letter sets by PPP available here.

Rossi: I love this Fiorenza Blue design and have a tiny note pad featuring this gorgeous bird design.  One day, I hope to add the stationery set to my collection.

Kartos: This Florentine stationery is beautiful and was not very expensive when I found it at Nest in Oxford, MS.  It comes in a nice folio that can be re-purposed as a letter writing kit for when you’re on-the-go!  I will try to figure out how to find American retailers of this Italian delight!

16 Sparrows (home of the Letter Writers Alliance): 16 Sparrows stationery boasts a vintage flair sometimes coupled with contemporary snark.  I have enjoyed using several of their letter set designs featuring the LWA’s crossed-quill logo with the Latin inscription “Write more letters.”

I’ll share more great sources for letter sets as I find them. Stay tuned!

6 Replies to “Desperately Seeking Stationery”

  1. I’ve ogled the Letter-Perfect sets at Peter Pauper Press many times, especially the one with the purple shoe. Too cute.

    Do you know if the paper is fountain pen friendly?

    1. Hi Speck! I just tried both my fountain pen and a dip calligraphy pen on the PPP stationery I have (butterflies). The fine-tip fountain pen worked great, no bleed through on the back (the stationery is nice and thick). The dip pen had very little feathering when the pen nib was freshly dipped, but otherwise no issues. The paper feels smooth, but seemed to have enough tooth to make the dip calligraphy pen grab just a little (if you’re aware of this, though, it’s easy enough to compensate). There was slight bleed through with the dip pen, but I think you could easily write on both sides. Hope you get to try it yourself!

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