Crane & Co. Wants Pen Pals

Looking for someone new to send a note to?  Well, the fine folks at Crane & Co. have asked very nicely for you to write them a letter.  They want to rekindle their pen pal days as children and they promise to write back!

In addition to meeting someone else who loves stationery (why else would you work at Crane?), you’ll also get added to a list to win some always gorgeous Crane goodies.  More details about the program here, but you can send your notes and letters to:

Crane & Co. Pen Pals
44 West 28th Street, 8th Floor
NY, NY 10001

I’m getting ready to write my own note…but the real question is: “Should I send the note on my Crane stationery?” I think I’ll just surprise them.


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One Response to Crane & Co. Wants Pen Pals

  1. Maria says:

    How fun is this?? Thanks for sharing!

    Hmmm–what stationery am I going to use? I like the idea of surprising them. 🙂

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