Claire McCaskill and Jon Stewart on Snail Mail

I was catching up on Jon Stewart last night on the DVR and saw his take on Claire McCaskill’s recommendation to the Postmaster General that the post office start a letter writing campaign to make up some of their devastating losses.  Stewart had his typically hilarious take on the whole thing.

I was going to blog about this, but then saw that Viva Snail Mail had already done so and Melissa at VSM had a great idea.  She suggests that we send Claire McCaskill a thank you note for her support of snail mail.  What a great idea!

Then Sharon–a reader of both of our blogs–had another great idea, send Jon Stewart some snail mail love, too!

Pop on over to Viva Snail Mail to get both addresses and send your notes out today! Mine are already in the mail.

6 Replies to “Claire McCaskill and Jon Stewart on Snail Mail”

  1. Dana-
    I sent mine out too! My postcard to Jon Stewart was something like this:

    Dear Jon,
    Why you gotta be a hater? We can make room in our digital lives for paper mail. McCaskill’s idea could be PART of the solution. Viva Snail Mail!

    p.s. I still love you.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe he’s just bitter because no one sends him paper mail anymore. Hopefully our notes can ease his pain! He did, to his credit, point out that the USPS does provide an amazing service for less than 50 cents. So, hopefully he’s not a lost cause! P.S. I still love him, too.

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