Chaos Reigned!

It’s a constant battle…trying to keep my creative space from morphing into something you’d see on that t.v. show about hoarding.

Exhibit A:

My problem may be that I have too many pursuits–letter writing, journaling and art journaling, photography, book making, calligraphy, water color, doodling, acrylics, collage, scrap booking and card making, writing, and a general obsession for pens and paper of all types.  Pulling out supplies to do one thing leads to another, and I’m always shuffling notes, and ideas, and articles from one place to the next.

Even when it’s “clean,” I still have a small, slightly chaotic space to work:

I’ve heard that some creative types like clean, flat spaces in which to create, undistracted.  But I find something beautiful about the chaos and clutter of so many great ideas, inspirations, and materials.  It makes me smile just sitting down and looking at this space!

I create, the pile rises, I fight back, I make new ideas, I create some more.  I’m beginning to think of this as my “process.”

Given my tendency for clutter and messiness, it may seem strange that I’m equally drawn to organizers, file folders, labels, orderly boxes and other things that reduce clutter. I devour magazine articles on simplifying spaces and organizing your life.

Here, for example, is how I keep my stationery organized these days:


How cute is that?!  My darling dear brought that home for me. And that cute pen and pencil holder, too!

So, I’ve come to accept that this is how I work–vascillating wildly from chaos to control, feeding both parts of my soul, and knowing that creativity, for me, blossoms somewhere in between. What’s your creative process?

12 Replies to “Chaos Reigned!”

  1. I mainly write to close family members who live in another state. My sister gave me a digital photo frame a few years ago which I keep on my letter-writing desk. I load it with photos of whomever I’m writing to. Seeing them seems to help me write more personal letters.

  2. I have to say, I feel much better about my creative space and “process” after all the responses to this blog post. Who knew there were so many of us clutter-prone and crafty ladies?!

    1. Hi Kelly. Nice to have you here! I think my stationery organizer was once more of a bill organizer (given than there are 31 slots), so I’m happy to repurpose it as something much more fun.

  3. Don’t let the picture fool you, Bev, it’s not like the “neat” version often! Sometimes I have parties just so it forces me to clean up around here!

  4. I thought I was tidy too, until I met Kris. Since then, I think I’ve given a bit more into my “creative artsy” side. And I keep getting older, which means I’ve had a longer time on this earth to collect art supplies!

  5. I thought that was just a quirk with me–inspired chaos, yet completely attracted to organizing supplies and articles.

    Random question–what is the dragonfly (box)?

    1. Inspired chaos is a perfect term! Sometimes the chaos is so inspiring, I end up working in my lap because there’s no flat surface!

      The dragonfly box is a box of matches…I keep it around because I like the look of it and occasionally I light a nice-smelling candle when I’m gettin’ crafty. Sometimes I question the intelligence of a candle-lighting decision, given the preponderance of paper on this table!

    1. I think I must have been adopted! 🙂 Seriously, though, I know exactly where I got the “I must have every implement and supply required for this specific art form, and I must have it all right here” from. I think your wood working and blacksmith shops make my case for me!

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