Cereal Box Postcards

This weekend I was browsing some local shops and one gem features handmade and local items where I saw stacks of postcards cut out of cereal and cracker boxes. I thought the bright colors and designs on the boxes made for some awesome abstract postcards and (if you don’t buy them at this shop), they save you some cash in your efforts to send more mail.  And whether you make them yourself or buy them pre-made, this “up-cycling” leaves a bit of space free in the landfill.

Then, just this morning, I saw an ad online from Cheerios about “Sending some Cheer” to military families.

(Picture from Cheerios.com)

They have pre-printed the inside of Cheerios cereal boxes to have a postcard design and address near the “Cheer” part of the cereal name.  Cut out the “Cheer” and mail it to military families who are making sacrifices this holiday season by not having their loved one at home with them.  What a great idea! You can read more about the program here.

This makes me look at breakfast in a whole new light!