Lazy Sunday

I got back yesterday from a four-day trip to New Orleans. I’ll soon finish a fun post about my trip and the stationery shop I went to while down there, but not today.

I’ve spent today listening to the roar of the 13-year cicadas, lounging on the couch and deck, and reading an awesome book about mail art called Good Mail Day by mail artists and bloggers Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Giligan Wheeler.  It’s a lazy day for me, so reading about other people’s creativity is all I’m capable of at this point.  But I’m “filling the well” for the next time I return to my craft table!

Sometimes it’s easy for me to feel bad about not doing something “productive” every moment of every day.  But I’m coming to realize that enjoying (or cursing…do you hear me cicadas?!) the sounds of nature, reading and viewing inspiring works of art, calling family members on the phone, and laying on the couch and letting my mind wander is actually filling me up with ideas that I can use in future artistic endeavors. 

No artist or creative person operates in a vacuum.  We need inspiration.  While I was in New Orleans, I adopted a slower pace, taking time to sponge up the inspirational sights and sounds and tastes around me. I’m continuing that process here in the more mundane surroundings of my own home.  I’m finding normally unremarkable items teeming with possibility. 

So if you’re feeling lazy, I encourage you to give into it; languish over the smell of your favorite perfume, stare at a texture until it comes alive, let your mind wander, and smile at the sun.  I hope it’s as good for you as it’s been for me.

More soon.


Happy Anniversary to Viva Snail Mail Blog!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I started this blog without really knowing there was a whole world of snail mail bloggers out there.  When I found them I was overjoyed at not being alone!

One of the best snail mail-devoted blogs I’ve seen is Viva Snail Mail. When I came across Melissa’s blog, I knew I’d found something special.  I enjoy her writer’s voice, the mail art projects she unearths from the web, her mail-generating activities, and her stories about her grandfather who was a stamp collector. 

Viva Snail Mail just celebrated its two-year anniversary and I wanted to wish VSM a Happy Anniversary and point my readers to her page if you just can’t get enough of the snail mail goodness!

I am not alone!

This is a young blog, and I have a few friends who are diligently reading it and, I hope, enjoying it. I think even a few folks who don’t know me personally are checking it out. I started the blog to write about all the snail mail and handwritten loves of my life. I had too much inside me and needed a place to get it out.

I now realize I am not alone.

I know it’s weird that I didn’t look before, but only in the last couple days did I poke around the internet to see if there were other blogs like mine…other snail mail enthusiasts who blogged about wanting to keep snail mail alive. And there ARE! There are a lot more than I thought. This is wonderful!

Apparently there are a lot of us avid letter writers who think “I’m the only one who writes letters any more.” So we think that we’re writing and mailing away all on our own. But the beauty of the internet is that you can always find like-minded souls out there fervently in love with the same things you adore. We can build a far-flung community!

So while I write this blog to share my love of snail mail with everyone, hoping to inspire more of you to take pen in hand and spread the fun, it’s nice to know there are others out there doing the same thing! We all have a different take–some are focused on the stationery itself or fancy pens and papers, others on mail-art projects.  Some participate in swaps where people send random strangers fun mail and see if a pen pal friendship forms. It’s a wonderful world out there.

I’ll share a few of my favorites in the near future.  My favorite was, of course, the Letter Writer’s Alliance.  The LWA was started by the two ladies at 16 Sparrows, who design vintage-inspired stationery in Chicago. LWA’s a membership of people who love to write letters.  I sent away for my membership right away!

Snail mail nerds unite!