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11-11-11 and Veterans Day

Happy 11-11-11! As the perceptive Melissa over at Viva Snail Mail has noted…today’s cool date: 11-11-11 will unfortunately not be a date you can get postmarked on your letters.  The post offices are closed today to observe Veterans Day. Well, … Continue reading

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Snail Mail Roundup

I wanted to share a few articles I’ve read lately about the USPS’s financial situation, email privacy (or the lack of it), some neat postal service history from Springfield, IL, and another person sharing the fact that snail mail in her mailbox makes … Continue reading

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New SandBook Issue Features Save Snail Mail–an online magazine for pen pals and swappers–just released their September issue.  It features three brief articles based on my Save Snail Mail posts about rural mail delivery, vintage stamps, and my France adventures. If you’re interested in revisiting these posts … Continue reading

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Crane & Co. Wants Pen Pals

Looking for someone new to send a note to?  Well, the fine folks at Crane & Co. have asked very nicely for you to write them a letter.  They want to rekindle their pen pal days as children and they promise to write back! … Continue reading

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A missive from Alison in Boston…

My friend Alison has been my one stalwart pen pal for the last 8 years…since I moved from Boston to North Carolina. Her letters come a few times a year, sometimes more, but they’re always a force to be reckoned with. Continue reading

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Make a kid smile

I’ve written before about sending letters to the kids in your life. They love getting mail that’s just for them. If you don’t have any kids in your life to send notes to, perhaps you’ll be inspired to send a note to a child with a serious illness who could use a little cheer in their mail.

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Egyptian pen pals

In high school, waaaaay back in the early 90s, I had Egyptian pen pals.  They were two guys named Sameh and Aiman, both college students.  Sameh was majoring in engineering and wanted to be a police officer.  Aiman was an English major and … Continue reading

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