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The New Year

It has been a dark year, personally for certain, but also culturally, politically, and environmentally. I lost my father unexpectedly. People have been put in charge who care only about their power as they exploit the earth and the diverse … Continue reading

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It’s National Card and Letter Writing Month!

Egg Press is doing a #writeon challenge encouraging us to send 30 letters in 30 days.  Can you do it?  I’m going to try, though I’m already a bit behind!

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My biggest fan…

My dad passed away quite suddenly in February and I miss him dearly.  I wanted to recognize his passing here at Save Snail Mail because he was this blog’s biggest fan.  He checked it regularly, was one of my first … Continue reading

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Life Goes On

Wow.  Time flies, doesn’t it?  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I still think a lot about “snail mail” and how to save it. I moved in May to a new home, and that came with lots of … Continue reading

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Pony Express Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express.  It features a game that lets you be a Pony Express rider, picking up letters, switching horses, and avoiding the treacherous obstacles that faced these riders as they traveled … Continue reading

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International Day of Happiness

Happy International Day of Happiness!! Today, March 20th, people all over the globe are trying to increase happiness in the one way that works best, connecting with others. Organizers of the event are encouraging us to connect with people by … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss would have been 111 yesterday.  By total coincidence, my creative wife sculpted a Cat in the Hat around our mailbox after our recent big snow. My mailbox usually makes me happy, but it was almost magical for a … Continue reading

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Snail Mail…It Matters!

One of the joys of this blog is that occasionally people find it and send me letters saying they enjoy reading SSM and share a love of all things snail mail. I love this. But the message is especially sweet … Continue reading

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January is National Thank You Month

You have nearly two weeks left to send off your thanks for the many kindnesses folks have done recently–holiday gifts, parties, errands, or for just being your friend.  If you need a refresher on the basics on writing a thank … Continue reading

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Resolutions for the New Year

Have you made any resolutions?  I usually welcome a new year as an opportunity to revamp absolutely everything about myself–health, friendships, house cleaning, artistic endeavors, flossing routines.  I figure if I try to change everything, something good will stick.  This … Continue reading

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