A Warm P. O. Box Indeed…and We Have a Winner!

You may recall that I recently got my very own P.O. box.  I’m certain you’ll recall this if you have read this blog more than once because I kept bringing it up.  Why? Because I wanted you all to help make my little P.O. box feel like a welcome addition to the Save Snail Mail family. I asked folks to send something to help “warm” it.  And you all rallied! Look at all this fun mail:

I have been busy responding to all the lovely notes. Here’s an outgoing pile:

As promised, all of these mailbox warmers got notes in reply and one lucky winner will receive a fun packet of stationery in a nice Kartos pen-and-ink themed folio.  Check it out:

Who won?

Well, the random number generator chose “3”, so I pulled out the third piece of mail in my pile and it was from Abigail in the state of New York.  Abigail sent the cool Zentangled envelope in the first picture above.  Congratulations, Abigail, this packet is on its way to you!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated.  I had such fun meeting new folks, finding new pen pals, and putting together this giveaway packet, that I am sure I will do it again, soon.

Keep writing!

4 Replies to “A Warm P. O. Box Indeed…and We Have a Winner!”

  1. Very lovely incoming and outgoing mail piles!!

    Hmmm. . . . I wonder if changing my shoes would indeed change my life. I don’t think I could pull off the shoes on the postcard, though.

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