A Royal KMM Typewriter of My Very Own!

I haven’t taken photos yet, but I have just brought home my lovely early 40s Royal typewriter!  It looks just like the one below (I found a picture of it here at mytypewriter.com which describes all of the lovely features of this office model…but mine did not, I assure you, cost me $1,200!)

It was, in fact, only $3 when my darling dearest picked it up for me at a yard sale this summer, knowing it would make me squeal with delight.  I took it to our local typewriter repairman extraordinaire, Chris Shaw of Shaw Business Machines in Chapel Hill, NC.  Chris saw that she (yes, my typewriter is a she) was in great condition and just needed a little cleaning and tweaking to work perfectly.

I promise to write a bit more about this beauty soon, but just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer! Watch out Type-O-Matic, I now have the capacity to type out letters on a glorious vintage typewriter, too!

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