A pile of snail mail…

 Here’s a shot of all the snail mail I’ve received since my birthday request:

I’ve been keeping it in the antique toast caddy I received as a Christmas present. Here’s the caddy in all its glory:

Look at its sweet little feet.

I am posting this note because I’m thrilled to report that I have too much snail mail for the caddy to hold!  Woo hoo!  In addition to getting 30 or 40 letters for my brithday, I have received multiple letters from friends in whom my request rekindled their own love for snail mail. It’s been so nice to reconnect with them in this way.

For now, I’ve emptied the caddy so I can start filling it anew.  Wonder what fun in my mailbox will arrive next?

3 Replies to “A pile of snail mail…”

    1. You could try the birthday request like I did and see what happens! I’m finding that sometimes all you have to do in life is ask for what you want…and I wanted snail mail!

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