100 Penguin Postcards

You may recall that I declared a stationery fast for 2012…or until I use up my current stash of stationery.  I’ve kept to it for a whole month! Fortunately, for me and my readers, the fast does not apply to others who can buy me stationery for special events, like my recent birthday!

Here is a lovely box of 100 postcards featuring Penguin Book covers. I received it as a gift so it absolutely doesn’t count against my fast!:

The postcards sport such a wide variety of titles–from politics to architecture to history to literature–that I have been finding cards relevant to all sorts of circumstances in my friends’ lives. My gay best friend preparing to marry the love of his life?  “Men Without Women” by Earnest Hemingway.   For my relieved neighbors whose cat just came home after running away for a bit? “The case of the careless kitten” by Erle Stanley Gardner.  You see how much fun this is?

It’s nice to have a pile of cool postcards on hand to jot off a quick note to a friend.  Postcards are easy to send, always appreciated, and–as Melissa at Viva Snail Mail said a while back–they’re a great way to divert your online status updates to the physical world.

If you’d like some for yourself, they are available from online retailers and at Anthropologie stores.  Enjoy!